What is the Difference of SMD and DIP?

SMD also named SMT (surface mounted technology), the SMD lamp is soldering on the PCB board surface. SMD led display is widely used for indoor projects. Right now it is also used for outdoor projects. Our outdoor SMD led displays are enough mature, IP65 water proof with years testing.

DIP (dual in-line package), inserting the led lamp into the PCB and soldering led lamps’ feet with the PCB. It is mainly used for outdoor project.

The comparison of SMD and DIP

With RGB 3 colors in 1 LED cup technology, SMD led lamp has features of better color uniformity and wider viewing angle. Usually, SMD led lamp can be used for small pitch pixel displays, thus for high resolution LED screens, SMD is the best choice.

DIP technology with LED feet in PCB board, then the heat dissipation is better than SMD, and its brightness is higher. DIP LED screen can also show the contents well even under the sunshine. That is the reason why people like DIP for outdoor projects.

The SMD modules have a bigger viewing angle and more pixel density than the DIP.

Post time: Jul-12-2019
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