90° Corner of Outdoor LED Advertising Billboard

With the wide application of LED display screen, the various shapes is becoming more and more attractive, such as concave and convex screen,cylindrical, spherical, 90 degree Angle, special-shaped screen such as spaceship shape and so on.Here we talk about the advantages and applications of 90-degree angles LED display.



90-degree angles LED displays are increasingly popular,not only to attract attention and get good advertising benefits, but also to meet the needs of the venue.For example, in many shopping malls, intersections, concerts or sports games, audiences are required to see the broadcast content from different angles, so the 90-degree LED display screen is the best choice.And now many manufacturers have LED displays that can be made at 90-degree angles,but the gap between the connecting sides is different.If the gap is too big, it will not only seriously affects the visual effect, but also causes safety problems when rain penetrates the gap behind the display screen when it rains.
Our Front-access series and Panther series are ultra light and slim,and it’s suitable for 90° corner for it’s special design.What is more,the gap between the connecting sides is 6-7mm only which is the so called “seamless assembly” and invisible at the min. viewing distance when playing videos.This makes a good visual for video play. And it’s waterproof up to IP65 both front and rear. It’s widely used in commercial advertising or events.
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Post time: Sep-18-2019
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