AeroV Custom LED Dispaly

AeroV provide industrial leading LED display technology and solutions for indoor and outdoor application.From small format LED running sign for kiosks to massive video walls and everything in between, large range of creative solutions ranging from 1-25mm pixel pitch for both indoor and outdoor applications, with regular or irregular shape, etc.Custom LED display is not only an advertising billboard to increase your income but also a cutting-edge technology that appeals to your target audience and brightens your brand.

AeroV have more than ten years experience in the production of LED displays.In these years,we are constantly developing and innovating.Based on the small spacing display will be the future development trend of LED display industry, we developed  P3.91 for outdoor fixed installation,it’s our Panther series.Even though the COVID-19 has spread globally, we will not stop the pace of research and development.For example,our new series LED screen 2x1ft outdoor series  is under mold development.


Our customers are mainly European and American countries, and many of them have purchased regular and customized products from us.Not only they trust us,but also we have good service and cutting-edge technology can meet their requirements.The custom-made spherical for display, concave for indoor program recording, convex or 90 ° Angle for outdoor advertising , airship for interior decoration and so on.And now we have a custom 400x400mm in production.Since many of our customers have good projects and a strong sense of confidentiality, we can’t give away too much information.Below are some led screen projects for your reference.




If you have good idea and good projects please just contact us.We have professional technicians and services that will surely satisfy you.


Post time: Apr-30-2020
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