AeroV Customized P2.72 Curved LED Screen for TV Studio

We are a professinoal custom LED screen manufacturer with more than 10 years experience—no matter what size, shape, or curvature you need.For example,in 2017,we have a project name Prva TV which was used indoor high definitaion P2.72 indor rental led screen.It’s 480x480mm die-casting aluminum cabinet with simple and lightweight design.No fan involving to the TV studio is greatly helpful for keeping the live broadcasting going on well without any noise.

indoor P2.72


It can also be used for convex screens,8kg light-weight die-casting cabinet with high precision to go for seamless connection and assembly.And also available for performance, meetings, exhibitions, weddings, foundation, started opening, promotion and other activities, the stage background structures, lighting and sound equipment and special effects equipment rental places.For similar projects this year, we have improved our technology and used better materials.

Also in 2019,we have an almost identical project, and below is the products when being tested.




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Post time: Aug-14-2019
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