Difference Between SMD and DIP LED Screen

Nowadays, with the development and maturity of LED display technology, more and more old products are eliminated or replaced.For example,there are SDM and DIP LED screen display, the two similar led display panels, sometimes even can be substituted for each other.They come from two different kinds of packages, the Surface Mounted Devices(SMD) and Direct Insert Package(DIP).




DIP LED using potting form for packaging. Potting process is injected liquid epoxy resin in LED the molding cavity at first, and then insert the pressure LED bracket welding good put them into the oven for epoxy resin after curing in order to make the LED molded from the mold cavity. This process has the advantages of low cost, simple production, easy waterproof, high brightness and high temperature resistance, but it also has the disadvantages such as large power, small Angle of view and slightly poor color uniformity. And cause the early SMD technology was still immature, the DIP screen had a significant market share in outdoor digital signage,SMD screen  is more used for indoor applications.

The SMD LED is attached on the surface of PCB, suitable for SMT processing. It can solve the problem of LED screen flatness very well. What’s more,the SMD exterior LED screen has a wide viewing Angle of more than 140 degrees in both horizontal and vertical directions, and the brightness is consistent at any Angle, with better color display effect, and the screen display is also more clear and delicate real. In addition, the design structure is three-in-one and the full-color LEDs size is small, so the luminous area is small and the black area is large, which improves the contrast of LED display. With the progress of LED chip technology and LED packaging technology, the brightness and waterproof level of outdoor led display are gradually improved, and LED display is also developing towards thinner and simpler direction.With its advantages of low power consumption, it is more and more able to meet the requirements of outdoor applications, and has obtained batch production and a large number of applications.

At present, the performance of all aspects of the full-color DIP display made is very mature and stable. So the customer in the choice of these two screens should consider the budget, use environment requirements to choose the most appropriate one. With the continuous improvement of technical problems, SMD LED display will become an alternative product for outdoor DIP led screen, which is gradually recognized by the industry. If you are still hesitant to choose which one to use as an outdoor LED wall, please contact us to serve you.

Post time: Sep-18-2020
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