Faqs for Led Display Screens

As we know, any electronic product has it’s service life, and it may face various problems in the process of use.To judge the problems, we must deal with the obvious and serious problems first and the minor ones later. Below, we will briefly introduce how to solve the problems that may be encountered in the use of LED display screen.




1.When the whole screen is not bright or appear square,small vertical bar, shaking, flashing or the whole screen is shaking or double,check the below items:
* If the control host is open.
* If the communication line is connecting good.
* If the send card is in  good contact.
* Whether the data line between the multimedia card and the acquisition card and the sending card is well connected.
* Check communication line, check the multimedia data line between card and acquisition card, sending card.
* Every time the LED broadcast control software is started, it is indicated that the signal between the COM port of the control system and the data sending card cannot be found, the acquisition line is not connected, or the COM port of the computer itself is broken.Please try to connect the cable or change the computer.
* Full screen shaking or ghosting: check the communication line between the computer and the large screen and check the DVI line of the multimedia card and sending card.
* Check the system parameters to see if there is any change.

2.The whole screen is divided into 16 rows of data flash or always bright.

Please check the Settings in the LED studio.The details are as follows: Turn on LED studio turn on debugging – hardware Settings – system Settings, then change the line order Settings to +0 or +1.

3.Every time the LED studio is started, the control system is not found.

The signal acquisition line between COM port and data sending card is not connected or the computer itself is broken.What you need to do is connect the cable or change the computer.

4.The whole led screen is dim.

It’s the switching power supply and LED voltage label are inconsistent,please make sure it is consistent.

We just update these common questions for the moment. If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will have professional staff to answer them for you.


Post time: May-22-2020
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