Front And Rear Maintenance of LED Display

With the development of the information age, people are more and more communicate and convey information by electronic products. The digital LED screen as a kind of electronic products, has been used in a variety of life. For example, there are Roadside Led Signs, Shopping Mall Led Display on the door, Led screen wall on shop windows, Mobile Led Billboard for large-scale live events and other scenes. The LED digital displays can play a colorful picture, and also combine with the application environment to provide the perfect display. But it’s a electronic product, it can also cause some damage,so there needs regular inspection and maintenance by technicians.When it comes to maintenance, there are two ways—front maintenance and rear maintenance, but what is the difference between the two maintenance methods?

As we know, rear maintenance is the one of the basic functions of led screen. It’s widely used in the high building facade,where there must be designed with maintenance channels for the maintenance personnel to carry out the repairs. Not only the maintenance of the channel occupies a large space, the overall technical requirements are high, and also the maintenance of time and labor. In addition, many roof type and pillar type LED displays are mostly used rear maintenance. The combination of the maintenance channel and cabinets makes the led screen billboard heavy and can resist unpredictable typhoon outdoor. And it’s cheaper than front maintenance led sign.

But not all places are suitable for rear-maintenance, such as compact application scenarios where there is not enough space,then will need front maintenance. And front maintenance have two ways—via magnetic suction and hex wrench. At present, most of the small pixel pitch LED screens in front maintenance are assembled with magnetic suction structure. However, after multi-modules are assembled into a full screen, the small deviation, mutual extrusion of the magnetic suction display module and the force exerted on each other among the modules will make it difficult to disassemble and install the large led screen during maintenance, which makes it more likely to knock the LEDs or drop off it in the process. And magnetic tool has a certain weight, it is not always convenient to remove the module. However, there is no such trouble when using hex wrench for front maintenance. It is safe, reliable and fast. Therefore, in addition to saving space,the front-maintenance LED screens can also reduce the difficulty of maintenance work. Because it does not need to reserve the maintenance channel, supports independent positive maintenance, supports fast maintenance, and is more simple and convenient to disassemble, with high efficiency and low cost. However, for indoor applications, due to the indoor high density characteristics, the structure of this kind of indoor products has higher requirements on the heat dissipation of the box, otherwise the display screen is prone to local failures. Our representative products are Panther series, which fully meet the requirements of light, quick and easy to maintain.


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With the development of science and technology and the needs of the market, easy front maintenance of the led display will be the develop trends. For different application,you should choice the most suitable product according to your requirements. If you have any confuse about this,please contact us at your free time.

Post time: Nov-06-2020
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