The Economic Pick up,Can We Get Back to Business as Usual?

The epidemic in China has improved as a whole, and the foreign trade industry is recovering. However, relevant enterprises still face many challenges, such as weakened demand in overseas markets and blocked international transportation routes.Looking at the international situation, with the epidemic gradually under control, many countries and regions have started the unsealing mode, and enterprises have begun to resume work and production. Foreign trade enterprises have successively received shipping notices from overseas customers, and the mode of business communication has been resuming. Everything seems to be going well. But can the economy really get back to where it was before?It’s hard to say.The economy stagnated and fell quickly, but it will not recover in a day or two.




In the face of the global pandemic, the governments, including many long-time supporters of global trade, are using the crisis to bring manufacturing home and erect trade barriers. For example,Japan now pays companies to bring factories back; The French President pledged to achieve “full independence” of key medical supplies by the end of the year; In Washington, Both Republicans and Democrats support new “Buy American” government health spending requirements. But not all coping strategies are adductive. For example New Zealand and Singapore,they issued a joint ministerial statement on their joint response to COVID-19, pledging to address the COVID-19 crisis, maintain supply chain continuity and stability and remove any existing trade restrictions on essential goods, particularly medical supplies.

The pattern of global trade is changing. After entering the post-epidemic stage, the epidemic situation in various countries gradually becomes under control, and countries will re-examine and adjust the current situation of supply chain to reduce the excessive concentration of supply chain in a certain region, and the trend of globalization will turn to the trend of local protectionism.

But with abundant raw materials and low labor costs, China’s position in the global supply chain is unlikely to change anytime soon. For LED screen industry,Shenzhen, China has formed a complete industrial chain of LED displays from raw materials, lamp beads, chips, packaging, supporting design. And various industrial clusters in subdivided fields. From the middle reaches of the LED display manufacturing, to the core parts of the upstream to the downstream channel retailer,Chinese LED display industry set up a terminal “user-centric” oriented market operation system and reversed transmission mechanism, formed the vertical integration industry layout covers all categories of , and lead the technology and product innovation of the world’s LED display at a faster speed, higher efficiency. It is precisely because of this complete industrial chain and cheap labor, when the quality and performance of LED displays are the same, Chinese LED display manufacturers have a very cost advantage compared with foreign countries.

Although the impact of the epidemic on LED display industry is quite significant, it is also a challenge in the opportunity.During this time,we should made the plan for the future and find the most suitable partners, in the best position to meet the peak demand period of economic recovery.If you are looking for a reliable supplier of LED display,you can think about us—AeroV. We have more than 10 years of manufacturing experience and professional talent team, we believe that you and your customers will not be disappointed.

Post time: Jun-29-2020
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