High Quality with Low Maintenance Cost

Panther’s coming is definately an art of the cutting-edge technology which involves high-quality LED video solution with a low cost of service technology. We provide 2-year warranty against the foldable price and 24/7 online after-service. Should you have any concern on any technical consultation or support, please call +86 0755 2832 5205 or send email to overseas@aerovtech.com, we will reply you within 2 hrs. Because of the light weight and portable maintenance design, it is versatile to be put to use as the wall-mounting advertising banner, concrete building facade signage, traffic-sign(see below pictures), roof-hanging shop sign and mobile truck sign.






This is the traffic sign installed on the entrance of the metro station and shared by our customer. The USP is high brightness(7000nits) and color unformity (no color difference), high refresh rate(3840Hz), light weight (28kg per sqrm) and simple maintenance (front-service). Some of the cabinets were required to come with double-side solution via Allen access, that’s why we recommended Panther series for this project. Although it is roof-hanging, it just requires 8 seconds to take out each module of the cabinet via hex wrench during troubleshooting. Below shows the assembly status of the double-side cabinet before shipment.




Although Panther has been proven to be able to pass EMC(class A) and was also tested on-site by our customer that Panther was successfully passed EMC(class B), as the professional OEM provider, we are applying for EMC-B certificate from SGS lab. The official certificate will be launched by the end of this Jun. In addition, the hybrid ALTW 2-in-1 cable (9-pin signal + 3-pin power) is the customized cable upon our specific requirement with IP67 waterproof and dustproof. Its connector design meets with UL1977 & IEC61984. That’s the reason why our Panther is well impressed with the stabiliity, simplicity and low service cost by our customers.




Here’s the youtube video to show how fast to have front maintenance happen upon our Panther:

Right now, we have 70 sqr.meter of Panther 10 in stock for urgent shipment requirement. If it is the right time to meet with your procurement schedule, please feel free to join us and let us light up both of our business starting from the fantastic LED signs.

Post time: Jul-08-2019
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