How Do We Sterilize The LED Displays In Public Places?

As the epidemic of COVID-19 spreads around the world,it  is affecting 210 countries and territories around the world and 2 international conveyances.Personal protection is especially important during this grim time,as also the disinfection in public places. The LED display as an important part of public places such as shopping malls, squares, cinemas and so on, how to conduct safe and effective disinfection of it is the problem that most of the maintainers of LED display concerned about.




The expert group of the national health commission has long stressed the importance of disinfection in public places and the need for strict disinfection on a daily basis. According to research, the 84 disinfectants and 75% of alcohol and so on can play a very good disinfection effect, but how do we choose that will not cause damage to the screen?As we know,there are COB LED screens and SMD LED screens on the market.Among them, most of the LED screens are used SMD packaging method while the COB packaging method is mainly used for small pixel pitch products.For different types of LED screen products, we often need to adopt different methods to disinfect.

For COB LED screens,the mentioned two disinfectants can be used.Wipe the LED screen surface with 75% of alcohol,it won’t damage your display.If you use 84 disinfectants to spray disinfect the screen surface, then wipe dry with a wet cloth after 10 minutes.This is determined by its own characteristics. The COB screen doesn’t have the problem of bare lamp foot, and its surface is smooth without seamless, which makes it possible to use alcohol or 84 disinfectant to disinfect. What’s more, this kind of LEDs packaging method also allows you to disinfect without turning off the screen.

But for SMD LED screen,please remember to turn off the electricity before disinfecting,and you should disinfect them carefully,cause its surface is not flat and there are gaps.Which is easy for some harmful materials to attach to the screen.As we know,the main composition of 84 disinfectant is sodium hypochlorite, which has extremely oxidizing, so it is not suitable for SMD display disinfection.Then we can use 75% of alcohol to disinfect the SMD led screens.On the other hand,if you receive the led screens from your supplier,please don’t worry that there’s Covid-19 there,as the virus won’t survive on a long transport.

During the epidemic,public places need to be disinfected, we also need to pay attention to personal protection, wear masks if go out, wash hands and so on.Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Post time: Apr-17-2020
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