How to Choose An Outdoor LED Display Screen?

In recent years, human beings are slowly entering the information age, and life is becoming more and more simple.Video, advertising is no longer limited to newspapers, TV, mobile phones and other media, and more and more is the indoor and outdoor LED display screen.Especially in some public places, such as The shopping mall, Outside of a building, Roadside, Outside of Hotel, School, Airport,etc.As advertisers or display wholesale buyers, how to choose the right outdoor display screen in order to achieve the maximum economic benefits is particularly important.




Due to the changeable weather, the outdoor LED screen must have higher requirements than the traditional indoor display in many aspects, such as brightness, IP rating, heat dissipation, resolution and contrast. Here we will let you know more about these so that you can get the right screens.

Firstly,about the Brightness.As we said before,because the outdoor light is stronger than the indoor light, outdoor dynamic video play needs higher brightness than indoor,or it can’t be see clearly.But that doesn’t mean the brighter the outdoor display, the better it is.Exceeding a certain brightness will reduce the life of the led screens and make it prone to damage.So it’s better that choose a screens at brightness 4500-7500nits and it will maximize the value of the product.To learn more about brightness, please refer to this article:

The Heat Dissipation of the product has to be mentioned here.In addition to the heat from the outside, the display also generates some heat inside when it works.So good cooling materials are also very important, especially in the power supply.Currently used in LED display materials are plastic, polycarbonate, magnesium aluminum alloy and so on.Magnesium aluminum alloy has the best heat dissipation effect, and it also have another advantage that is, good quality and light weight.

What is more,the Waterproof and moisture-proof grade.As a good outdoor display screen, not only to prevent strong UV, but also waterproof, moisture-proof. Otherwise, it is easy to stop working in the summer thunderstorm.And the highest IP rating is IP68 at present,usually IP65 for outside is enough if you want it more economical.In addition, too high waterproof level technology is not so mature.

Hope this article can help you get the suitable outdoor led display screen you want.For more question please just get in touch with us.

Post time: Sep-12-2019
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