Is Your Outdoor LED Display Waterproof Enough?

LED display screens include the indoor screens and outdoor screens.Due to different application scenarios, LED displays require different levels of waterproofing.Which used indoors generally do not need to be waterproof.However, there is often rain, fog and other weather outside, especially in summer thunderstorms, so outdoor LED display must has a better waterproof function.

In general, the conventional LED outdoor display will be equipped with an outdoor waterproof aluminum cabinet, and the LED display with the waterproof aluminum cabinet will not be impacted by heavy rain, which can reduce its waterproof grade.All outdoor cabinets are required to be tested for waterproofing. The surface of the display screen is sprayed with water. After a number of tests, the protection level should reach IP65 to achieve waterproofing in a real sense before the LED screens are delivered to the customer.The traditional waterproof aluminum cabinet are as follows:




But at present, more and more customers have more requirements on the waterproof box structure of LED display screen, and they begin to develop to the thin, easy to disassemble cabinet.More and more outdoor led display adopts the case of fully sealed led display to meet the requirements of waterproof and dustproof, and the grade requirement is IP65.The power supply and modules are gradually integrated, and the aluminum cabinet is gradually abandoned in favor of the extremely light and simple cabinet.For the LED display on the side of the LEDs, the glue filling is also particularly important.Good gluing technology and materials can make outdoor LED display more durable.


Our Panther series is designed for outdoor fixed installation.Both sides of the screen reach IP65 waterproof,and the weight of the 500x500mm cabinet is only about 4.8KG with aluminum sample cabinet.For more information please clink outdoor screens Panther.

Post time: May-29-2020
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