LED Screens Add Colors to Halloween

The annual Halloween is coming up on November 1st. The Catholic Church celebrates All Hallows’ Day as a day of mass on which, unless there is an irresistible reason to do so, all believers go to church to celebrate the memory of all the saints who have died and gone to heaven, especially the famous saints of Catholic history. That there will be led church signs outside the church, to show weather conditions, specific activity times, etc. In the garden or church, there may be a need for a led display screen to play prayers, live events, etc.




Nowadays young people are supposed to celebrate Halloween by having fun, and there should be many Halloween parties or Halloween Parades. On Halloween,children wear costumes and masks in a playful mood to the Halloween dance. New York City will has special Halloween night parade, a noisy ghost carnival. And there are also large processions throughout the village, such as Greenwich Village. Then the LED screen can help to show the information, create a more frightening atmosphere,plays scary videos and so on. And a mobile led screen trailer can move with the parade and add the festive atmosphere.




In the same way,the LED display can be used for other scenes or festivals such as sales festival, Christmas and any big public activities and so on. Now the LED displays are everywhere already. With the development of science technology and the maturity of LED display technology, LED display will be more and more used in daily life.

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Post time: Oct-30-2020
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