Online Live of LED Dsiplay screen

The year 2020 is a special year. Because of COVID-19, many industries including the LED display industry, were hit by unprecedented impact. How to ensure a smooth response to the epidemic has become the top problem facing enterprises.This period in previous years, because of the exhibition held and become the focus of the release of new screen enterprises detonated period. At present, the large-scale LED screen international exhibition cannot be held as scheduled. NAB and Infocomm, the two heavyweight exhibitions in the American LED display industry, have been cancelled, and offline visiting channels are also cut off. Therefore, it is difficult for companies to communicate with customers face to face.In this case, if companies still need to promote their products or find good partner, online communication will be the only way. On June 15, 2020, the China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair), known as the “barometer of foreign trade” and “The first Exhibition in China”, was turned to be held online, and a large number of enterprises’ exhibits were transformed from the field display to the online live-action photography, welcoming visitors from all over the world with 5G speed. Throughout the LED display industry, LCF, Esdlumen and other display companies have launched online live broadcasting.




For LED display vendors, the online live broadcast may not have the same effect as the traditional LED display exhibition, but it is more economical, and it is the only way to solve the problem of face-to-face and real-time communication with customers. At the same time, LED screen companies use live streaming to launch new products, promote their brands, and interact with customers in real time to achieve the promotion effect.

So, will the online live broadcast can be promotion way of the  development trend of the  LED display screen in the future ?Not necessarily. Although it is a network era and cannot be face to face contacted due to the epidemic, online live broadcasting requires a good marketing team, and online promotion has certain limitations. Most customers are still more willing to believe in products they can actually see and touch.But in the current situation, it is a good way to promote products.

And we are also preparing for the online live broadcast, as the new LED screen is being debugged. Look forward to seeing you and sharing your ideas.

Post time: Jul-24-2020
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