Small pixel pitch displays will be the future development and research direction

LED displays are no longer strange innovative products to the general public,whether on the roadsides,in markets, subway stations, train stations and even at concerts,you can see the dynamic LED displays broadcast difference message and advertising.Based on feedback from peers and customers,the international markets become more and more sharply.Mainly because the technology is becoming more mature and the industry is becoming saturated and fierce.
People begin to seek for greater development space,small pixel pitch will be the future development and research direction,expecially the outdoor led screens.


Below are some reasons:
1.High market saturation and overcapacity, the growth rate of the LED display market slowed down, starting from incremental competition to stock competition. According to industry statistics , in 2018, China’s LED display market is about 60 billion yuan, with a growth rate of around 17%, which is a year-on-year decline compared with the year-on-year growth rate of 26.9% in 2017.
2.The popularity and maturity of smaller pixel pitch surface-mount technology,outdoor small pixel pitch is a develop trend. In 2018, the packaging technologies such as Mini LED and Micro LED have made substantial progress. The small pixel pitch density, cost performance and stability of small-pitch LED display screens have made a qualitative leap, attracting many LED display companies.
3.Small space applications continue to expand,the demand for outdoor small pixel pitch is also expanding.
From P3.91, P1.9, P1.6 to P1.0,etc,most are for indoor,now widely used in the command scheduling, security monitoring,broadcasting, military and other high-end commercial fields .AeroV Panther 3.91 is specially designed for outdoor application,high-contrast with anti-reflection,ultra light & slim,the brightness is more than 5500nits.You can click the youtube video link and see how fast and simple it can be:


No matter how the industry changes, innovation and breakthrough is our constant pursuit, if you have ideas, welcome to discuss with us.


Post time: Jul-16-2019
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