Synchronous and Asynchronous Control Systems

As we know, control system to LED display screen is what brain to man. There are two kinds of control system in all, synchronized system and asynchronous control system.There usually are Nova or Linsn cotrol system,we will  talk more about that in the future.

  • Synchronous control system : The large screen display and the large screen signal source must be switched on simultaneously, and the playback progress of the signal source is synchronized with the large screen display. The screen will display exactly the same with the computer, so if the computer shut down, the LED screen will not be display normally. 

  • Asynchronous control system: The so-called asynchronous system is the use of asynchronous card, play box, and other built-in storage and simple content processing devices which can control the large screen display. The screen doesn’t display the same with the computer. It is edited in the computer first, then sends it to control card. It display by control card. So even if the computer shut down, the screen also can display normally.




So how do we choose the system?

For Synchronous control system, with the popularization of the application of video processor, the products that can be used as the synchronous signal source of LED display with large screen have been extended in a wide range: computer, music station, VIDEO recorder, set-top box, video camera, DVD and other devices that can output VGA,DVI,HDMI and other signals can be used as the signal source of LED display with large screen. It’s widely used in live broadcasting, video conferencing, live performances etc…Where there need to timely display the signal source content, and seek to switch and control the broadcast content at any time.

Advantages: the signal real-time update can be arbitrary switch, not astrict  by the device storage space, content format or others.

Disadvantages: it must open the source equipment, for those who claim to broadcast content is not high, do not need to control playback at any time, just show a part of the contents of advertisements, slogans, signs and rolling broadcast video, place notification etc, synchronous open broadcast signal source is increased some unnecessary costs.There may be a failure point, an uncertain risk factor, at this time what can avoid these uncertain risks and can appropriately save part of the cost of the control system becomes a necessity, so the asynchronous control system emerges at the right moment.

The led display asynchronous control system is mainly used in the places where the content update frequency is low, the broadcast content is relatively short, which is not easy or unnecessary to use the synchronous control system.

Advantages:the play box or asynchronous card can synchronous power supply , the content need to play can be cycle play based on demand after upload. The play box and asynchronous card is relatively small to synchronous equipment,and even can be built into the led screen within to further simplifies the external devices. More integrated, the system is more concise and more convenient and easy to control.

Disadvantages: The length and quality of the played content are limited by the memory size of the offline device, the format of the played content is limited by the recognition ability of the offline system, and it can only be displayed after effective uploading, and it cannot be updated in real time.

For the  advantages and disadvantages of the synchronous and asynchronous system, there has the company developed the device with synchronous & asynchronous integration and can switch at any time. The device can possesses the advantages of both at the same time, it could also be one of the future development trend of the led display control system. But for now this kind of control device, the production cost is higher, with poor compatibility, the ability of external equipment relative to synchronous system is still weak, relative to asynchronous system increase a lot of costs, and the reliability reduce because of adding more functions.

So for now, it is best to choose the appropriate control system according to the application situation.If you have any questions about these please contact us at any time,we have a professional team to serve you.

Post time: Sep-11-2020
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