The Application of New Modular Outdoor Sign by AeroV



The Panther Outdoor LED Panel is specially designed for permanent installation market with high performance to go for simple & easy installation. The functional design is compliant with reliable electronic & CE  standard. The simple and fast installation makes Panther widely put to use for outdoor advertisement billboards and mobile trailer sign.


   Development Advantages
• Each modular panel in size 500x500mm compatible for combination freely
•  Nationstar Gold-line SMD LEDs to keep long life-time
• Magnesium Power Supply and Control box to go for light-weight demand
• Adopted Amphenol LTW waterproof connectors and 2-in-1 cables for quick connection (8 seconds)
• The high-quality waterproof air-valve involved for I/O cooling balance
• No fan and no noise
• Available for front-access via Allen wrench
•  Easy-mounting onto the external simple-frame via manual knob
• Cost-effective design for permanent installation
•  IP65(front) / IP65(back)

Because of the above strong points, Panther’s application is very flexible and various on those venues where there is little installation space left or no back door for maintenance and the loading/supporting capability is limited. Then Panther will greatly help solving the problems caused by the expensive labor cost, maintenance cost and installation cost. Instead, simple steel frame will have the panel mounted onto the concrete wall directly without the traditional enclosed and rugged frame.




What is more, Panther is often preferred by the trailer advertising companies or sponsors. Obviously, the light-weight mainbody, waterproof back side and quick cable connection make the trailer sign easy for assembly and dismantlement during different occasions.




Specially, Panther is a fantastic option for 90° combination sign. ’cause the gap between the connecting sides is 6-7mm only which is the so called “seamless assembly” and invisible at the min. viewing distance when playing the videos.




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Post time: Jul-22-2019
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