Outdoor LED Screen in Summer Days

The hot summer arrived, accompanied by violent storms, typhoons,and in between the sun and the rain, your outdoor display screen is OK?




With the abnormal changes of the global weather, the high temperature in summer will continue to be above 35 degrees Celsius, and the hottest parts of the world can reach 70 degrees.In the case of LED technology heat is the greatest enemy. From the LED chip to related products such as LED lamps, modules and fixtures, all  have a major issue with high temperature. The heat of LED products mainly comes from two aspects. One is the heat generated by the product itself when it works, while the other is the heat from the external environment,such as the sun.Outdoor LED displays, exposed to the sun, will have to withstand more challenges than other LED products.High temperature will accelerate the aging,light decay of the LEDs,  etc.Poor quality external materials may even melt under constant high sun exposure, posing a safety hazard.Our Panther Outdoor LED Panel is specially designed for permanent installation market with high performance to go for simple & easy installation. The functional design is compliant with reliable electronic & CE  standard.It use Magnesium Power Supply and special good quality material to make the outdoor LED screens more easy to dissipate the heat, more able to withstand high temperatures,even when the temperature reaches 50 degrees Celsius.


In summer, outdoor display screens not only need to face the heat exposure, but also the impact of typhoons and rainstorms.Outdoor LED products must have a good moisture-proof and waterproof effect, otherwise it is easy to be eroded by rain or even cause short circuit, which will seriously affect the advertising effect.We use gold-line LEDs with good moisture-proof and Anti-UV.Other wise, our products have excellent mask design to protect the LEDs,strong waterproof with IP65.


In a word,the changeable weather in summer is a great test for outdoor LED displays.Good products can save more maintenance costs and bring better economic benefits. Our outdoor LED screens can defense all weather, is most suitable for outdoor advertising to play video and images.Want to know more please just contact us.

Post time: Aug-05-2019
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