The National Lockdown in Many Countries, Is There Still Need Led Screen?

A few partial or national lockdown in many Euro countries this month,it will till the end of November or even the end of this year. Most people can only be allow to leave home for essential work,shopping,exercise or emergencies. Some  non-essential business group like restaurants and bars will be closed or limited to open.The weather is cold,the people on the street is less, so there’s no need for Led Screen Outdoor Advertising, no need for Digital Led Display? 

It’s obvious not.Even there’s less people outside,there still have people have to go out to buy the necessities of life or for work,and some people will go out as usual,because they think it exaggerating the severity of the Covid-19 virus, it’s just like the regular flu virus. So there still need  the LED Digital screen displays. Not only just for advertising,but also deliver the important messages about the covid-19. There will need Led Display Wall outside the high building, large wall mounted led screen or Led Display Banner in front of the supermarket,and large LED outdoor displays in the square etc.What’s more,it’s good to have LED trailer screen around the street to show the important information.

Please note,there are still the schools and factories can open. The teenagers are the development hope of every country, education can not be left behind, protection should also be in place,and people needs to life. There needs School LED signs to show the important information, for example the the schedule of school days and holidays, the weather temperature,the information of the public activities  and so on. And also the information and prevention of covid-19 virus, etc. There are many workers,if the epidemic spreads, the consequences are unimaginable. So there need large led screens to give warning or show tips for epidemic prevention.


outdoor led signs


With the development of LED display technology, it will be more and more applied to daily life, play an increasingly important role. As dynamic color video picture is more attractive,it can play it’s due role whether for advertising or health tips. Want more revenue?Then contact us!

Post time: Nov-13-2020
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