The Rain Won’t Stop us From Delivering The LED Screen

The epidemic is not over, but life must go on, business must go on.We have been working overtime for a very long time to produce LED panels. Many shipments have been sent or arrived at their destination.A new batch of LED screen was sent out last week. Although it rained, the goods were shipped as scheduled. This time it is also a truck with a display screen and related accessories to be shipped to the United States.




We know that the 16:9 LED video wall is a relatively perfect led billboard, so the 2x1ft led display module is very popular in the US, and we are also working on the 16:9 led module screen, which will be lighter, thinner, and easier to installation and disassembly,it’s similar to our Panther 500 x 500mm, but with different module size,and it will be launched soon.It’s specially designed for outdoor wall mounted video wall,which need small space and front service.For example,the shopping mall’s advertising video wall outside the building,is most suitable for front maintenance. The  simple design and light weight are not only easy to install, but also safer in crowded supermarkets or squares. 

If you have any special ideas or requests, please feel free to share them with us.


Post time: Sep-27-2020
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