What Should be Noted for Outdoor LED Displays?

As we said before,summer is a hot and rainy season. The outdoor led screen not only need to have a high temperature resistance and UV resistance,but also have to be very waterproof. If the quality of the product is good and have all these features, can we safely use it?The answer is No! Where the display screen is installed, also need to pay attention to the following points.

Firstly,as we know,thunderstorms are most common in summer, outdoor fixed LED display  only waterproof is not enough, pay attention to lightning protection.Lightning is harmful to almost all the electronic machines, including the LED screen. So we need to take some effective measures when install an outdoor LED display.If there is not a building,there won’t have a lighting rod,especially for some place like the roadside,or on the side of the stadium. At this point, it is necessary to add a lightning protection device.For example,the cabinet of the outdoor LED screen should connect with the ground line; the power cable and signal line also need to equipped with the lightning protector.




Secondly, heavy rains in the summer are often accompanied by violent typhoons, and there have been occasional incidents of injuries caused by falling LED screens.  So in typhoon season, in order to keep the outdoor LED display screen from falling, there are strict requirements on the load-bearing steel frame structure of the display screen. The outdoor LED display screen in different place have different installation method, there are single pillar type,Dual Pillar type, inlay type, and suspension type etc. The engineering unit must design and install in strict accordance with the standard of typhoon resistance level, and have certain anti-seismic capability at the same time, to ensure that the outdoor LED display will not fall down causing casualties and other hazards.What’s more,it would be nice to do all the modules with safety ropes.

permanent installation method

If your outdoor led billboard has met the above two points at the time of installation, you should also pay attention to the reasonable use of it in thunderstorms!


Post time: Jun-12-2020
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