About Us


AeroV is a company built with a concept of simplicity as its core value. On the basis of fully  understanding the communication demands of clients, we enable customers to experience simple using of LED screens by offering stable quality and 7/24 hrs after-service, saving time and delivering perfect business efficiency. We assure the simple way to accompany customers to enjoy simple life with reliable products.

We are the single-source manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China and have been in the market for more than 10 years. We are not a big but a fast-growing factory through providing professional ODM/OEM service. We seldom take part in international exhibitions to sell our own brand. Instead, we are dedicated to be a loyal partner by seriously complying with NDA and keeping providing high-end LED display screens which can work for 5 years. Some are the bespoke LED commercial signs designed together with our partners including both the regular-shaped and irregular-shaped screens. Some are the creative simple screens developed by ourselves to lead the market trends, such as Panther series. That's why we have been successfully maintaining long-term relationship with our customers. We believe mutual-trust is the most efficient way to go for win-win cooperation.