By purchasing from AeroV Tech, a single-source manufacturer in China engaged in professional engineers with years of experience in the indurstry of LED encapsulation, electronic design, mechanical configuration and quality control, you are guaranteed to receive the equipment you order, have access to full 24 hour technical support, and will receive responsible, independent advice and recommendations that will best suit your needs. Years of experience means we can provide and work on the perfect solution for LED display screen, design and manufacture the cost-effective digital outdoor sign for permanent installation market and make the word simple and beautiful with full colors.


Online support from 9:00am to 24:00pm / Mon.-Sat.



Support & Service Includes:

>Technical questions and trouble shooting

>Inquiry on the detailed project

>Discussion on the customized project

>Status on the ongoing project

>Technical guide on onsite installation

>Electronic diagram and cable layout onsite

>Online remote control on the system control

>Maintenance and repair training